Reason for Reading

Hello, from the other side. It has been awhile. The last time I posted was over a year ago, and much has happened in that year. I gained control of my depression, returned to college and saw great success in doing so, I moved into my first house in which I actually pay rent, and next semester I will officially be a senior in college.

A year ago I was fighting my toughest battle to date. I was living in a deep depression, the likes of which I had never experienced until that point. In my battle, I had become addicted to anti-anxiety medication, dealt with severe mood swings due in large part from my everchanging medication regimen, and was altogether not myself for almost six months. I was toying with the idea of transferring to UCCS so I could live at home. I was also considering not returning to college at all. However, in my time away from college, dealing with my depression, and growing in my faith, I found the one thing God put me on this earth to do: learn about and share literature with the world.

Now I know that it may seem strange to some that I believe God put me on this earth to learn and share literature with the world. Given the fact that literature deals with things that are often far from God’s Kingdom, that test the boundaries of the human mind, and might seem altogether secular in all facets, it might seem out of place. Yet, in my time away from school, dwelling on God’s word, living each moment in Him, because each moment seemed impossible otherwise, a particular longing within me persisted. This longing was to return to my coursework, stretching my mind to its limits, and I craved nothing more than to return to working with literature day in and day out.

So what does my love of learning about literature and sharing it with others have to do with my contribution to God’s Kingdom? To tell you the truth, I am not entirely sure, and I am praying for God to reveal it to me; however, I have a few ideas I am contemplating about the subject which I am going to now share.

  1. There is no better place to learn about the human condition, human nature, and the universality of human experience than in reading literature. Literature is a vessel through which ideas and facts of life travel. This includes human struggle, success, and experience as a whole. Literature has a way of teaching empathy, opening eyes, and changing beings in ways other forms of communication simply cannot. I see this fact a part of why God has called me to love it. I have read novels about characters who related to me at times when I felt completely alone. I have read novels which tell stories that reveal to me parts of the world I could never know in my own life experience. I am a notorious empath, and the fact is God has taught me to exercise this skill by reading to learn about the world. Literature allows me to relate to others on a level deeper and more genuinely than I could ever imagine.
  2. In the field of English, as I said, many have the perception that it is a secular profession. In many cases, this perception is accurate. Because of this, I see the field as an opportunity to share the light of Christ through my life. To be kind, genuine, and persevere in ways my colleagues have not seen before.
  3. The final idea I have on how my love of learning about and sharing literature plays into God’s Kingdom is the way my knowledge of Christianity and my experience with religion informs so much of the way I read. It allows me to read in a way those who do not know Christianity cannot, it gives me an opportunity to share such knowledge with others and keeps such knowledge in the forefront of my mind.

Overall, how does this affect this blog? Well, from here on out, I would like to focus more seriously on sharing my love of literature. Books are the love of my life, always clawing away at my brain, begging to be shared with the world, and this is the place I intend to do that.

There will be more coming soon: book reviews, recommendations, my ideas, more of my fiction writing, and also bits about my faith and my life. I hope you will join me as I pursue my calling.



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